Water Freaks Price List

Tube Rides at Water Freaks

Water Freaks offers a variety of different tubes to ride, creating a fun and relaxing ride that is suitable for children, to a more serious fast ride that, depending on the rider's abilities, more often than not the riders meet their match.

Our tubes can accommodate between 2 or 4 riders at a time. For groups we normally alter between 3 or 4 riders per session while the rest are on the boat to enjoy the thrill of watching their friends in action.

For the "not too wild" and very popular with children, is the "Couch" tube. It can take up to 4 riders and is towed at a moderate speed making it safe yet enjoyable. Parents can therefore join the youngsters on the tube ride or enjoy their facial expressions from the boat.

Duration:  15 minutes
Cost:  R200 per person

Jet Boat Extreme Rides - Our signature Ride!!!

Are you a bit of an adrenalin junkie? Or perhaps you just want a little bit of a thrill and some excitement? Wherever you fit in, the Jet Boat is a must-try! Say bye-bye to 9-5, and hello to a full-on adrenalin rush! The Jet Boat is a Sea Doo Speedster boat, which is one of the fastest production boats around. You'll definitely leave the ordinary behind with 10 minutes on board this boat, powered by twin Rotex 4-Tec engines, pumping out 430 horsepower!! With the manouverability of a jet ski, this beast reaches speeds in excess of 90km per hour!!

The skipper then performs 360° turns as well as other sharp turns, twists and swirls while reaching these high speeds. This will definitely have your heart racing!

Duration:  10 minutes
Cost:  R250 per person

Other Activities

Waterskiing:  15 minutes @ R250 per person.
Kneeboarding:  15 minutes @ R250 per person.
Wakeboarding:  15 minutes @ R250 per person.

Lessons are also available: 30 minutes @ R300 per person.


Combine any activities at a discounted price!

Tube ride (15 mins) & Cruise (40 mins) R400 per person.
Tube ride (15 mins) & Cruise (40 mins) & Jet Boat R580 per person.
Tube ride (15 mins) & Jet Boat (10 mins) R400 per person.
Cruise (40 mins) & Jet Boat (10 mins) R400 per person.

Price list updated July 2016


Customer Review

I was at Water Freaks yesterday.. Thank you for a SPECTACULAR time!!!! The team was extremely friendly & fun ... Truly the best experience of my holiday! We all came back with some beautiful pictures & awesome memories.

I didn't get all the guys' names but please pass on my thanks to the two skippers & the photographer.

Thanks again

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